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Modular Machine Records was founded in 2012 by Steve Romani, in Lyon/France, after 18 years of experimental electronic music production, mostly as a studio rat... The label presents various aspects of his work through the years, with several projects melting old school knowledge & a modern approach.

Graphic Design, as a major part of the electronic/vinyl culture, is involved too. Modular Machine Records is a division of Ded Blokkz, an underground Graphic Design & Photography studio founded by Steve Romani in 1998, creating visual content inspired by materials & structures that constitute the essence of the urban world, but also exploring the incidence of urbanism / industry / technology on human life.

Modular Machine Records releases pure Hardware Electronic Music produced with traditional vintage machines, on limited edition collector vinyl records, with the utmost care for a perfectly sounding & designed product.

Out Now In Digital

transistor terminal world

Transistor Terminal World explores the dark side of the computer world from the inside, with mysterious analog synthesizer sounds made of distorted pure electron flows and 8 bit downsampling digital treatment on filtered versatile beats.

Digital miscommunication and electronic failures are represented through a special 2 LP series totalizing 28 previously unreleased Electronica tracks - including 12 interludes added in 2008 - composed, recorded, mixed & mastered with hardware analog & digital electronic machines only in 2000/2001.

Transistor Terminal World

Through The Wires / Buy Digital

The Threat Within / Buy Digital


28 instrumental tracks

(16 Main Titles & 12 interludes)

140g Black vinyl LPs

Black + 3115C/7479C Cover & Labels

Black Offset Poly-Lined Inner Sleeves

℗ & © Steve Romani 2018

MMR06 / MMR07

Digital Out Now On Beatport

2 x 32 Minutes

- Recorded between 2000 & 2001

- 30 sec. interludes added in 2008

- Valve / Solid State reprocess in 2009

- Full 24 Bit digital remaster in 2017




Out Now / Vinyl + Digital

MattaMass The Yellow Tapes

B boys, B girls, after two decades of dark and futuristic electronic music production, I wanted to release a warmer flavored LP about my early influences and american roots. The Yellow Tapes, fully dedicated to New York City is sending you back to the 90's and to former Hip Hop, inspired by Soul, Jazz, Funk and even Dub. This double LP has an authentic abstract and funky taste. Recorded between 1999 & 2015 with hardware samplers, valve processors and vintage synths for a classic fat analog sound. Check it out!


The Yellow Tapes / Buy Digital

Abstract Hip Hop - 2xLP / 28 tracks

Limited to 20 tracks in digital version

140g Black vinyl

Black + Pantone 7548C Cover + Labels

Black Poly-Lined Inner Sleeves


12" Double Vinyl LP / 64 minutes


Instrumental Hip Hop Short Stories

Photographs by Jeroen Bosman

℗ & © Steve Romani 2015

Other Modular Machine Records releases


MattaMass / Cityscape
Buy Digital

Electro Hip Hop Sessions

2xLP - 20 instrumental tracks

140g marbled Translucent/Black vinyl

CMYK Print - Inside-Out 350g cover

℗ & © Steve Romani 2012


MattaMass / Phantom Train
Buy Digital

Ghostly Instrumental Experiments

LP - 12 instrumental tracks

140g Black vinyl

Black print on 350g Kraftpak® cover

℗ & © Steve Romani 2013


dB_24 / Urban Maze EP
Buy Digital

Detroit Electro/Techno

EP - 4 instrumental tracks

140g White vinyl

Inside-out black cover

℗ & © Steve Romani 2014


dB_24 / Modular Machine EP
Buy Digital

Detroit Electro/Techno

EP - 6 instrumental tracks

140g White vinyl

Inside-out black cover

℗ & © Steve Romani 2014

Other releases produced by Steve Romani AKA dB_24 for AC Records / Germany (a division of


dB_24 / Urban Works EP

Detroit Electro/Techno

EP - 4 instrumental tracks

180g Black vinyl

Pantone 8400C cover / Glossy varnish

℗ & © Steve Romani 2010


dB_24 / Urban Works 2 EP

Detroit Electro/Techno

EP - 4 instrumental tracks

180g Black vinyl

Pantone 8005C cover / Glossy varnish

℗ & © Steve Romani 2010


dB_24 / Urban Works 3 EP

Electro Sessions

EP - 4 instrumental tracks

180g Translucent Natural vinyl

Pantone 8502C cover / Glossy varnish

℗ & © Steve Romani 2011


dB_24 / Urban Works 4 EP

Electro Sessions Suburban Outtakes

EP - 4 instrumental tracks

140g Clear vinyl

Pantone 8502C cover / Glossy varnish

℗ & © Steve Romani 2012